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The team at HDx Technologies Pvt. ltd. has more than 15 years of industry experience in healthcare, automation and integrations. We Specialize in Software Solutions for the India, US & UK health industry and our domain expertise has been all-round, from hospital systems, radiology systems, patient engagement, payer connectivity etc. We have put together smart integration solutions and carried out process automatons which have always and always met Practical Applicability and cost effectiveness targets.
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Great Technology

Technology has evolved to find immense purposeful use in the healthcare industry which today is being driven by Great technology in all departments. We strive to put the technology to best possible use, standard interfaces like HL7, DICOM and ANSI EDI are great tools which interconnect the industry. We make sure this technology works for you and never the other way round.



Online platform for patients to book their lab examinations
Lists all the local diagnostic labs and the services they provide
Patient can book and pay online or book and pay at the lab
Provides instant online visibility to diagnostic labs and increases business Learn more about HealthDx.in

Web Presence

Your Practice, On the cloud

In today's healthcare environment, having a professional website is no longer optional. With the majority of users now turning to the Internet to help make their healthcare decisions, staking your claim on the web has become a crucial part of establishing trust with patients and opening new channels of client communication.

As the expert in medical website design, HDx Tech. has the knowledge and experience to make an impression with your potential patients. Combining captivating graphic design with expert content development, HDx Tech. has what it takes to make your practice stand out online.

A HDx Tech website offers...
  1. A fully-customized design. Your practice is unique; your website should be as well. Beginning each and every project with a fully-customized design, HDx Tech. team of talented designers work to ensure that your site reflects your practice, your brand and your reputation. As your "digital first impression," our designers know what it takes to create a memorable experience for your potential patients.
  2. Vetted content. A HDx Tech site is more than just a static page. It's an information destination. Drawing from our enormous healthcare content library, your site will be populated with images and information on the conditions, services and treatments you provide. All content is vetted for accuracy, working to establish your practice as an authority on the web.
  3. A site that converts. In the end, the goal of any practice website is to convert online visitors into loyal patients. As the leader in healthcare web development, We knows what it takes to compel your potential patients to take the first step and reach out to your practice directly.
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Find out how HDx Tech. can help you make the right impression. To schedule your Free Consultation with one of ours expert sales representatives, we invite you to call us at (+91)22-4893-1839 or fill out our online contact form. Get started today.


Is a lab integrations module which can be customized to read real time data into any LIS/HIS/EMR/RIS

No manual entry:

When a test order is placed in the EMR/HIS/LIS, the Reflex Lab Interface allows you to receive your lab results electronically and to upload them directly to the system seamlessly, with just a single click. With Reflex, you no longer have to file the lab results in the paper chart (nor scan/attach to EMR/HIS) and you don't have to worry about managing all the paper labs that you've signed. Reflex routes the results to the order provider as well as patient's chart. We provide sophisticated electronic handling of patient lab orders and test results via standard ( HL7 based ) or non standard interfaces.

Seamless integration:

With Reflex the order is created in the EMR and automatically sent to the lab. This is an incredible time saver and the accuracy level is high. The largest benefit to the lab interface that the results are obtained electronically, which saves much more time when compared to receiving a paper copy of the lab results.

Ease of analysis:

With Reflex interface all the lab results are stored as unique values. The results are stored in this format for future use such that the lab results can be mapped graphically over time; this facilitates studies on lab results across patient population and also possibly satisfy government and insurance reporting requirements.

Ease of installation and use:

Labs can also further enhance productivity through Reflex, which empowers them to connect with multimodal devices seamlessly. Our Interface solution comes with ready made plug-and-play features that allow considerable amount of time saving. The application has features that allow labs to customize it or rather use it in a "do-it-yourself" fashion.


Technology Consulting

Here is a company that can help you use technology to improve your business

All businesses depend upon various business processes that are supported by technology. Unfortunately, many of these processes are not always optimized – even though more often than not there is a better way to do them. It has never been more important for businesses to find ways to use technology to improve their businesses. Now is the time to adopt new technologies effectively or face competitive obsolescence.

Why do businesses fail to optimize their processes?

Business adopt temporary solutions to their problems and often continue with it in the long term without realizing how the patch would have compromised on their standard. There is a need to audit the business process from time to time to make sure it is optimized not just to suit the business but to help it become progressive. Technology evolves and better solutions become available. At HDx Tech we believe in process integration and optimization not just solutions. The quest for the optimal solution leads to superior outcomes – and for maximizers, the quest never ends

  • Imagine the benefits of optimizing your business processes.
  • Are your people challenging the status quo?

HL7 Consulting & Development

Achieve True Healthcare Interoperability Through Cost-Effective HL7 Interfaces

Health Level 7 (HL7) is an interface protocol used as a messaging standard in the healthcare industry. It facilitates the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information among various healthcare applications that transmit clinical data. HDx Tech offers end-to-end services for HL7 implementation projects. These services include:

HL7 Interface Assessment, Planning and Design

  1. HDx Tech performs a detailed study of IT systems to assess the messaging and interfacing requirements in accordance with the HL7 messaging standards. This study includes systems that are currently in use, have been recently procured or are under evaluation for future integration.
  2. Our consulting service advises and guides clients on their integration strategy and the role of HL7 in establishing an integration platform in healthcare provider facilities.
  3. We design optimal HL7 interfaces across applicable systems to ensure complete data mapping of business requirements and clinical workflows.
HL7 Interface Development and Testing

Development of HL7 interfaces and testing for accurate data mapping, data exchange and message interpretation by source and destination systems. Validation of HL7 messages for conformity to international standards, scenario-based semantic testing, data mapping strategy verification, security testing and application integration. Complete documentation of all interface specifications.

Our capabilities include:
HL7 Messages

We have executed several healthcare integration and custom-built product development and independent testing projects for our clients. All of these implementations require a deep understanding of HL7 including messaging types, protocols and versions. The following are some of the most commonly implemented message types in which we are proficient:

  1. ACK – Acknowledgement
  2. ADT – Admit Discharge Transfer
  3. DFT – Detailed Financial Transaction
  4. MFN – Master File Notification
  5. ORM – Order
  6. ORU – Observation Result
  7. QRY – Query
  8. RAS – Pharmacy/Treatment Administration
  9. SIU – Scheduling Information Unsolicited
HL7 Interface Engines We have the capability to integrate healthcare provider systems, using leading open-source as well as proprietary healthcare enterprise data exchange engines
Integrating Clinical Systems

Development of customizable and reusable HL7 interface components like adapters, channels and message queues to exchange inbound and outbound messages for the following systems:

  1. Clinical and imaging systems used at healthcare provider facilities, e.g. EMR, PACS, RIS and billing systems
  2. Custom-built or proprietary Lab Information Systems (LIS)
  3. Integration with diagnostic labs
  4. Integration with Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs)
call HDx Tech to learn more about our HL7 Consulting Services.

Healthcare Software Development

Although the healthcare industry is moving towards integration and interoperability, there are some specialty-specific or custom applications which cannot be readily integrated due to various reasons such as complexity, local customization, niche requirements, heavy transformational costs, etc.

We understands that it may not be feasible to implement a one-size-fits-all product or solution in this case. We can help the payers & providers build/enhance/customize these applications or even re-engineer them to enable scalability, security and connectivity. We are supported by an in-house team of industry experts having focused knowledge in healthcare, functional, technical and regulatory aspects. This accentuates our capability to deliver unique and niche custom IT solutions.

HDx Tech. possesses considerable and diverse experience in healthcare domain to assist you with your specific software development projects related to custom or specialty-specific applications for cardiology, gynecology, pediatrics, dental and others.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Functional analysis and detailed requirements documentation of custom healthcare applications
  2. User Interface design and visualization
  3. Technical architecture and design of the application
  4. Agile Development, testing and deployment Maintenance & Support
We have the right mix of techno-functional and QA experts that help you realize your goal of custom-product development while ensuring business-applicability, adherence to quality and compliance, scalability and cost-effectiveness. contact us to learn more about our Healthcare Software Development Services.

Managed IT Services

Today's emerging technologies such as cloud and mobility are forcing businesses to quickly adapt to evolving trends to remain competitive. Businesses rely on the support of an agile, highly available and scalable IT infrastructure to achieve their business goals. An efficient services management framework to drive costs down, improve operational efficiencies and minimize risk of business disruption is imperative for sustained growth. HDx Tech Pvt. Ltd. Infrastructure Managed Services help clients maximize business value through comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions.

HDx Tech Services help in Managing your infrastructure needs in a flexible manner that allow for better integration with the existing processes and resources and deliver increased up-time, reduced costs and drive operational efficiencies.

We also help design, build and consolidate your data centers, leverage the power & flexibility of Cloud and migrate your infrastructure and applications to Cloud, technology refresh services to stay current, derive insightful information from Internet of Things (IoT) and comprehensive Security solutions to secure your IT Infrastructure.

HDx Tech has standardized the service delivery of IT Infrastructure Management to increase predictability and performance, align IT to business while reducing costs at the same time. We have a well-established partner eco-system to enable seamless delivery of its services.

HDx Tech helps clients reduce their IT operational costs with SLA driven service delivery and high availability approach, and by leveraging a proven delivery model.

About Us

"HDx Technologies Private Limited"

HDx Tech. was born out of an idea to bridge the gaps in available EMR & EHR software solutions which today are so much of a Heart and soul and not just desktop tools in the hands of the Healthcare industry. How will it not be wonderful if we could help the Physician save a few minutes of his and his patients by having a reliable software systems & tools to rely on , and how will it not so much matter if the Doctor has a automated software friend to fall back on to take care of his appointment shedules and Verify Insurance records. How is it not fantastic to attend to a doctors pain area and Simplyfy his daily chores for him... This is what we believes in.

The team at HDx Tech. has more than 10 years of industry experience in providing solutions in automation and integrations, We specialize in healthcare, our domain expertise has been all-round, from hospital systems, radiology systems, patient engagement, payer connectivity etc. Growth in this sector in the fields of technology, automation and integrations is inevitable and HDx Tech. is at the very forefront of the industry driven by its High Standards and firm believe in it's dedicated team

Given that Technology is being adapted in all facets of the Healthcare industry worldwide, interfaces like HL7, DICOM and ANSI EDI are norm for interconnectivity. We see immense potential of riding this wave of technological advance that is no more just restricted to the US but touches all corners of the globe.

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